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COK – in English

COK stands for Center for Offentlig Kompetenceudvikling, which roughly translates to The National Academy for Government Management and Training. 

COK sets people and processes in motion to provide the opportunity for new value and welfare to arise. We do this as consultants, advisers and educators – and through integrating theoretical and practical knowledge of co-creation in to the services of COK.

From learning needs to practice-oriented training

As the municipalities own company, COK supports the current welfare-reforms in e.g. the social-, school- and employment sector by translating new needs for learning to practice-oriented training for all groups of employees within the public sector.   This is achieved through courses, educations, conferences, seminars and workshops – and through the development and implementation of local training offers, developed in close collaboration with the municipality and in extension of the municipality's particular strategies and needs for development.


As a company owned by KL (Local Government Denmark), COK is an active part of the municipal development of welfare and our task is clear:

COK must support the operation and development of the municipal government through manager- and employee activities that lead to new knowledge, new skills and new competencies within each municipality and across municipal boundaries. 

Why you should choose COK

  • As the municipalities own company, COK has a vast knowledge of the municipal organisation and its framework conditions.
  • COK provides the largest portfolio of courses and educations targeted at the municipalities, which ensures progression in your, and your organisations, learning.
  • With COK you have the opportunity to organise formal and qualifying organisational learning courses on an academic- and diploma level.
  • 70 skilful employees and more than 1.2000 associated educators and consultants with experience from the municipalities and regions ensures that educations, conferences and courses are always practice-oriented and with the municipal framework conditions as the point of departure.
  • COK is owned by KL (Local Government Denmark) and are thereby the natural choice when the municipality is to roll out and implement the reforms that in current times influence the continued operation and development of the municipal government.
  • In COK we are specialists in facilitating co-creation processes within the public sector. We have startet the first Danish academy for co-creation and integrate theoretical and practical knowledge of co-creation in the development of competencies and in learning activities.